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Fresh from Our Farm!

Our growing season is from early May to late October, throughout that time we grow several different products that are available fresh on the farm and for wholesale shipment. The following crops are homegrown by our family!

           Bell Peppers                 Cantaloupe               Calabacita

      Bell Peppers - Available August to Frost   Cantaloupe - Available August to October  Calabacita - Available June to September

           Chile Pepper                    Cilantro                 Cucumbers               Green & Red Peppers - Available August to Frost     Cilantro - Available Mid May to OctoberCucumbers - Available July through September

          Dill & Pickles                Eggplant          Green Beans        

    Fresh Dill & Pickling Cucumbers - Available July through September       Eggplant - Available July to OctoberGreen Beans - Available July to September

       Green Onions                 Jalapenos                 Onions

    Green Onions - Available May to November     Jalapenos - Available August to FrostOnions - Availailable September to November

             Parsley                        Pumpkins                    Radish              

   Parsley - Curly & Italian - Available May to October     Pumpkins - Available September to November   Radish - Available Mid-May to October

          Red Beets               Squash & Zucchini             Sweet Corn

    Red Beets - Available June - September       Yellow Squash & Zucchini - Available July through Septemeber     Sweet Corn - Available July to October

          Sweet Peas                     Tomatoes                    Watermelons

    Sweet Peas - Available June       Vine Ripe Tomatoes - Available August to Frost     Watermelons - Available August to October

Winter Squash

Winter Squash - Available September to November

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