truckloadoldchile.png The DiSanti Family has been cultivating peppers since our inception and while varieties have changed our commitment to quality never has. From Sweet Italian Roasting Peppers to Dynamite, we have it all!

Pueblo Mosco

Our most popular pepper is medium sizMoscotiny.jpged, regular hot pungency, and certainly the most widely used to make Green Chile. It's a very meaty pepper that has great roasting characteristics. Every town has something it is known for, we feel Pueblo Chile represents us well. 

Mild - Medium - Hot Anaheim

Big Jimtiny.jpgWhether you are making Chile Rellenos or just want the perfect amount of heat, we have an Anaheim pepper for you. Anaheim peppers are long, thick walled, and are extremely easy to peel when fire roasted. We have three varieties of Anaheim peppers that are Mild (Sonora), Medium (Joe Parker), and Hot (Big Jim). All of our Anaheim peppers perform exceptionally well in our climate and never fail to provide a great eating experience.  

Extra Hot Peppers
The names say it all - Chile From Hell & Dynamite! Both peppers are medium to long in length and are loaded with so much heat that you'll never forget the unique flavor they provide.

Canning, making bacon wrapped poppers, pico, or just some super hot green chile we have some great Jalapenos for every use. Our varieties are extremely thick walled, have great roasting traits, and are sure to please.

Specialty Peppers
While we never get tired of Pueblo Chilies and Anaheim Peppers, we also have pride, and certainly great cravings for many other peppers. They include:

Sweet & Hot Cherry Peppers - Great for Canning!
Giant Marconi - Appropriately named peppers are Jimmy's favorite.
Pimentos - Dark red and meaty, you can not get enough of these!
Pablano (Ancho) - One the oldest and most prized relleno peppers.
Fresno - Some call them little white peppers, we just call them HOT!


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