About Us

DiSanti Farms is a family owned and operated farming operation that is located in Pueblo, CO.  We proudly service the state of Colorado and our local community with fresh fruit and produce from May to November each year.  During this time period we have produce available at our farm's market located on 29th lane and South Rd and service wholesale food distributors throughout the state.

History & Location

The DiSanti family started farming in Pueblo, CO in 1890 just a few miles from the current headquarters on the St. Charles Mesa. Cultivating sugar beets and fresh produce started this family's tradition on the St. Charles Mesa. Several years later John DiSanti purchased the land on 29th lane and
South Rd. and built the current headquarters for DiSanti Farms. The operation is currently owned and operated by Jim, RoseAnn and their family. At this time the DiSanti family produces over two dozen types of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other commodity crops on the fertile irrigated land of Pueblo County.

Current Leadership

In a unique situation where family values and company teamwork combine our operation has generations of experience and diverse talents that offer a one of a kind team.

Jim & RoseAnn DiSanti

Justin DiSanti - Dominic DiSanti - Sara (DiSanti) Genova  

Our Vision

Our family strives to operate a sustainable fresh fruit and vegetable  operation that complements all sectors of the fresh produce industry. Our pride is embedded in the fresh, safe, and wholesome produce that is served to our clients and local community. We always aim to utilize the Lord's resources in a responsible manner, create an encouraging and exciting work place, and maintain agriculture's strong community commitment while adding to years of experience and traditions.

~ The DiSanti Family ~

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